Friday, September 19, 2014



The Swiss Army Knife of Roping Dummies!

Head * Heel * Muley / Breakaway * Tie-Down / Calf

Cheyenne"A full size dummy that won't break the bank"Why did we make a full size roping dummy:
1st We were asked to make it. 2nd We want to offer a durable and affordable dummy Made in the USA. 3rd We wanted a dummy that would track better when pulling.  Other dummies,  like the Hot Heels, slide on skids and make wider turns than the vehicle pulling it and continue moving after you stop.  We have also seen many people run a Hot Heels into the side of the arena or even worse, hit a horse. With the use of wheels and floating frame technology RopeSteer has successfully created a dummy that tracks effectively behind a quad. 4th It had to be able to pull over arena dirt, grass and even a rodeo grounds parking lot. Not everyone has an arena!  But now you can practice in your side yard, driveway or dirt lot. 5th, Portability, It had to be easy to take with you on the road. Whether you are going over to a friends house or on the road you can take this dummy with you.Cheyenne costs about as much as the shipping of other full size dummies. Pulls with nearly any size quad and is extremely portable. Fits nicely in a horse trailer stall, trailer tack room or the back of your truck. Try to do that with a HotHeels or Heel-O-Matic! Improve and develop your skills, maximize your effort and train your horse. Pulls on nearly any surface and does not require an arena.Train and pattern your horse. Simulate realistic situations.  Great teaching or instructional tool.  Comes with a head bracket that allows you to mount a Heel-O-Matic Head directly to this dummy.YouTube Video     YouTube
(Included: Steer body with Corriente Steer Head, Base Frame, No Flat Worry Free Tires, and Tow Bar)You can order a Heel-O-Matic head directly at or from NRS at (you do not need anything but the head. We will supply the bracket to attach it to the dummy)
Cheyenne Team Roping Dummy $899.99  
Cheyenne Roping Dummy Cheyenne Roping Dummy     With optional Calf Head ($20 more) Cheyenne Roping Dummy & Optional Calf Head

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